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Gifts that make you fast and hot

How’s that for a blog post title? Well, the fact of the matter is that I’ve got a few really excellent gift ideas that will make the receiver either fast or hot and maybe even both. Each of these words can be interpreted a handful of different ways and I encourage you to adapt their meaning to your liking and depending on who the gift is for. For example, “that shirt I got Grandma is so HOT right now” vs. “my hot wife will be so fast, it’s going to be hot.” Don’t over-analyze. Bottom line is, fast and hot are both great things. ***some of these gifts have the ability to make you both fast and hot = bonus.

Soooooo, in no particular order:



lululemon is one of the most spectacular companies I’ve ever seen in action. They are a growing, publicly-traded company that still manages to keep things real. Every decision made is from a grassroots level of thinking and the corporate culture in incredible; encouraging employee goal-setting, accountability and positive vibes.  Some of their clothing won’t be the cheapest thing you’ll find but, hey, you get what you pay for.  The quality is outstanding and I haven’t seen a single person, tall, short, male, female, etc. that doesn’t look incredible in their pants – tight or loose.  Your loved one will immediately be stoked with a gift from this store.  Most items get both the FAST and HOT rating – cross-training activities like yoga, pilates, running, weight training, and more make for well-rounded faster athletes and as I mentioned earlier, the quality and fit of lululemon clothing is HOT.

Some of my favorites:







lululemon “Work it Out Pant” – $98.  More of a sexy casual pant.  It’s got zippers and makes anyone’s butt look great. Wear with HOT boots.








lululemon Run: Speed Short – $54.  Great for running, obviously, but I love them for yoga, weight training, general hanging out. ***Fast and Hot








lululemon Run:Swiftly Tech LS: $68.00 – Once again, a great running/cross-training shirt but also super soft and comfy for just going out and hanging – plus look at the most-excellent thumb-hole, hand warmer thingies that they have on pretty much every LS/sweater they make.  LOVE it.  ***Fast and Hot







lululemon men’s Core Short*luxtreme panel $58.  OH YEAH! lululemon makes men’s clothing too!  These shorts are great for running, yoga, and more.  Jeremy looks HOT in them, so, yeah.  ***Fast and Hot






lululemon the Un Mat $38.  There is a ton of great yoga gear on the site – this mat is PERFECT for travel and is a bit “sticky.”  I use it in Hot yoga with one of their absorbent maduka equa towels or alone in hotel rooms when I travel – it weights less than 2lbs so you can stick to the man when checking bags during your travels.

I can go on and on – just head to their home page.  There are so many great items and the site is very user friendly – you’ll find items from $12 on up and shipping is free if you don’t have a lululemon store near you!


Suuthe by MARI SKIN CARE ***Fast and Hot

Suuthe by Mari gets both fast and hot ratings.  Fast – because the healing properties of the 100% emu oil found in their products will Suuthe and heal anything from sun burn to wind burn to the wrinkles caused by making the PAIN FACE a lot.  These are all experienced when doing things that make you fast.  HOT because – and I’m not a big girly, girly, skin care sort of person – because it really, really, really changes your skin for the better.  I’m pleased to say that since using the skin repair every night I’ve been carded almost everywhere I go and it will save chapped hands and saddle sores faster than any product out there.  Please go to the site to read Mari’s story and history of the company – neat and inspiring story.  Also, read about emu oil and it’s healing properties – this is the next big thing and it’s no fad.

****By the way – if you felt so inclined, you could EAT any of these products.  There are less than 5-10 ingredients, including essential oils in everything.  Mari is passionate about educating people about the nasty cancer-causing and disease-inducing ingredients found in most skin care (including “natural” products!)  Good stuff.

My favorite products:






Suuthe Skin Repair $22-$32.  This tin will last a LONG time.  Great for saddle sore treatment, scar healing, chapped hands or as a face moisturizer.  The emu oil makes makes it little “greasy” but it will absorb within 15min leaving skin feeling soft.  ALSO! Emu oil is a natural anti-acne so don’t worry about clogged pores.  I actually intentionally rub it into pimples to stop them before they start…if they ever start.  I’ll never EVER use a different product again.





Suuthe Soothing Lip Balm $4.50 ‘Nough said – simple, yummy, Suuthe-ing






Suuthe Introductory Gift Set $25  Here’s a concept – why not just try the gift set?  A great way to get an idea of how HOT this brand is.


Tokyo Joes Gift Card ***Fast and Hot




Ok – sorry, but this is for Colorado locals or would be visitors.  Tokyo Joe’s is a Colorado company and still owned by the same unbelievable man who started it all.  He was a pro skier, is passionate about individuality, and supports anything from junior cycling to big-time pro teams (ahem, Subaru Trek indeed) as well as huge events around the state.  Larry Leith (p 3 of 7) is one of my favorite people and is passionate about doing business right – the food is incredible and so healthy and can help with anyone’s goals toward becoming FASTER and HOTTER.  “Eat Good. Feel Good.”  Head to your local Joes for a gift card – your love-one can then proceed to enjoy incredible food for lunch or dinner and get the quality, made-with-love ingredients their body needs.


Westone Music Products In-Ear Earphones

Westone officially blew my mind this past summer when I got 2 pairs of in-ear headphones.  I have a super fancy Custom pair that are molded to my ear, & have a beautiful personalized earpiece – they inspired me to sell my Bose noise-canceling headphones on Craigslist – no more crying babies or snoring big guys on the plane!  For riding, I love the personalized/universal True Fit earphones.  There are a few different options ranging from 1-driver to 4-driver earphones.  If you don’t know what that means, not to worry.  All you need to know is that, music buff or not, your current music library will go from regular to inspiring, motivating, beautiful, moving and plain-old insanely awesome!  I’m not a big music buff, but am more inspired to become one.  And if you know a music buff, careful, they may never listen to you again but it’ll be worth seeing their sh*t eating grin when the turn it on. Makes you Fast.








Westone True Fit Earphones $120-$449.



When your body is in alignment and joints are rockin’ smoothly, you go fast.  This is one of the simplest, most wonderful tools one could possibly own.  It’s a “release” tool for the tight and creaky (who isn’t both of these things at one point or another?)  I take mine everywhere and use it to release tight IT bands, wiggle it between stiff vertebrae, loosen up the hip joint, roll the arches of your feet, and if you’re really cool – you can sit on it like I do while traveling to prevent the crampy hamstring/numb leg that those lovely car and plane seats offer.  Beware when you travel, TSA thinks it’s a bit weird but it’s only provided me with entertainment as they stare at the balls in my bag.







Rad Roller ($19.95)

Casual or Commuter Clothing from Bontrager

I just got the coolest jacket from Bontrager a couple weeks ago.  I bet most of you think of seatposts, wheels and handlebars when you hear Bontrager but they have also entered the clothing world and are actually rockin’ it!  Here is the jacket I got – it fits great which is HOT and is top quality.  They have men’s and women’s clothing that will make you ***Fast and Hot






Bontrager Commuting WSD (Women’s Specific Design) Jacket $89.99


The connection to my spirit and heart are so very important to me.  Although I practice yoga regularly, I still find that without my Zen Posture bench, I get a bit uncomfortable while meditating or getting my visualizations on.  This bench is hand made here in Boulder and is simply gorgeous.  Find the deeper connection….in comfort and peace.  This gets both fast and hot: Fast – visualizing, calming your mind, and meditating help you stay clearer when performing in the world.  Hot – meditation brings greater awareness, which leads to better presence and the realization that the world and everyone in it are both ONE and beautiful.  Walking around with this awareness is HOT.






Zen Posture Ronin Bench $129-$189


YogaPod Gift Card ***Fast and Hot





For the longest time, I thought I didn’t like yoga.  It was too hard, made my back hurt, blah, blah, blah.  Wow, was I wrong.  Do you know how many different types of yoga practice there are??  Ok, neither do I.  But I can tell you there are a ton, a ton, a ton.  Each has a a different goal, a different energy, and leaves a different impression on every individual.  On top of that, there is the vibe you get from an individual teacher and even a studio!  Well, if you know someone who is curious about yoga, they should try a studio that offers many different classes for at least a month.  I’ve talked about the YogaPod in Boulder before – it’s the only studio I’ve been too that has genuinely welcoming energy and no judgement.  Fast: open your mind and stretch and strengthen your body Hot: hot yoga actually makes you HOT (I LOVE it) and other types of yoga tone and add to hotness.


A TREK bicycle ***Fast and Hot

Maybe your someone is lucky enough to get a Superfly Elite or Superfly 100 from you…maybe they already have one and are sufficiently whopping your a** on it so you need one?  Super sexy, fast, light race equipment aside, my gift guide is going after the commuter line again.  Jeremy and I invested in 2 commuter bikes last year and they have changed our lives.  We hardly ever drive our cars and can even motivate for a grocery run on the Transport + after a 20 hour training week – that’s impressive because we are BLOWN out!

Electric assist is the wave of the future.  We know one guy who does his errands between his house and downtown Philly which is 11miles away!  Reduce your gas bill and invest in one or, just go ahead and get an uber fast non-assist bike.  Here is the mega life changer:





Trek Transport Plus $2819.99.  Maybe this price tag isn’t practical for some, but hey, it’s way cheaper than buying a car for your loved one AND it’s a great gift for Mamma Earth too.  This puppy can be loaded with up to 200lbs of goodies – I’ve hauled dog food, a case of wine and groceries…all at once.  Did I mention I passed a roadie while doing this and didn’t even break a sweat?  Fast.  I recommend purchasing a 2nd battery so you can alternate them between charges.

More sweet commuter line bikes here (electric-assist or not) http://www.trekbikes.com/us/en/bikes/town



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  1. Michael Dube says:

    Hi Heather, Thx for the very cool gift ideas! You gave great descriptions of all the gear but I did notice something that made me a bit curious…in your description of the “lululemon the Un Mat”, you mentioned “…it weights less than 2lbs so you can stick to the man…”. Were you talking about sticking to the mat or JHK? :-) Keep riding & keep smiling! Best wishes with your upcoming season of racing & riding!

  2. Ferf says:

    Just ordered the RadRoller for xmas. Can’t wait to try it out!

    • Ferf's Husband says:

      Ferf’s husband says thanks… Loves the Rad Roller!!! Works the SI Joint very nicely.

      See you at Windham next summer.

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